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brilliant xD

i got a call from my parents at 9am today telling me they were dropping a load of my stuff round with some food and bit and bobs . . . and old cds of mine and my sisters for me to try and sell on. it's mostly singles but some of these absolutely fantastic

liberty x, steps, s club 7, peter andre, appleton, britney, javine, dane bowers & victoria beckham, cleopatra . . . there's about 30 of these cd's. this should be fun trying to sell them.


i haven't used this in so long. once upon a time i tried to post updates on this, kept forgetting. then i tried to put my fiction writing on it, haven't written much recently. after that it was posting my reviews up on here, but now those go on my blogspot.
i need to get back into the swin of using this as what it should be used as, so i'm going to try to, and what with my workload right now i think i might have to, just as a way of venting. but at least money shouldn't be such a horrible bitch of a problem anymore . . . THANK YOU NEW JOB!
and thank you world for the really cute guy who works at my new job. only problem here is that i'm not sure if he's gay or not, his accent seems to be interferring with my gaydar. ah well, i guess either way he's a nice little bit of eyecandy.

tomorrow's gonna be a good day though. tomorrow i see kevin devine for the 4th time in 8 days, 10th time this year. overall that's gonna make him tied for most seen live ever (thanks to that time he played gian in 07). ohhh i'm gonna miss kevin's hugs and his smile once he's gone, i just wanna stay locked in a hug with him for hours and hours, he just grasps so tight! i guess i have the 20+ videos i've taken to keep me company in the meantime (still can't believe moshi moshi has racked up over 2000 views in less than 72 hours!)

i bought my brand new hoody i've been staring at for months now too, matt sucks for calling it creepy, buuuttttt i can't wait for it to arrive, should get here a bit before christmas, so get the fuck in!
brand new wolf hoody
picture of me wearing ^ coming the damn moment it arrives and i get it on my back :D

for now that's the end of my rambling buuuttt will be back soon spazzing about kevin in norwich i'm sure

Go:Audio @ Electric Ballroom

There’s a thin line between pop punk and pop music, it’s difficult to get a balance right and bands will often end firmly on the ‘pop’ side of the fence which often alienates the older fans of bands. However Go:Audio seem to be one of those few bands who seem to tease that mainstream fandom yet never quite cross over, even leaving their deal with a major label subsidiary to now be producing their sophomore album on their own label . . .

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Coming soon
Good To Go Funsize
The Living End
The Yardbirds

Manchester Orchestra @ Camden Barfly

When tickets are being exchanged in excess of £60 there can be nothing but high expectations for a show, especially when it’s a band with an exceptional live reputation such as Manchester Orchestra. To see this band in a venue as tiny as the Camden Barfly is one of those experiences which is hard to replicate . . .

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Iain Archer @ Bush Hall

Since the mid 1990’s, Iain Archer has been releasing music and in the early 2000’s he gained further recognition as the secondary lyricist for indie band Snow Patrol, with whom he picked up an Ivor Novello award in 2005 for being a part of the team behind their album ‘Final Straw’. While being highly regarded . . .

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Patrick Wolf @ Heaven

December 21st 2007 at the Shepherds Bush Empire was the last show for Patrick Wolf’s third album The Magic Position, and since that show he has been in seclusion as he wrote his next album. Originally intended as a double album (with half the aggressive dark side and the other a happier lighter side), he later split the album to be released in two as The Bachelor and The Conqueror. Tonight’s show is of the first . . .
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i just want to scream

i don't normally write actual blogs or anything, and even this is more of a vent than anything.
I can't stop thinking about this guy, so much so that anyone else that is actually interested in me I can't really see in that way even if i do potentially really really like them.
I mean, I've tried to stop thinking about him because I know he just doesn't like me in that way, and I was hoping part of it was that he wasn't over his ex so I stepped back and decided to try and not do a thing.  But just a few hours ago he posted on his twitter "Kinda good. Not as good as being in her arms though" and I burst into tears, literally couldn't stop them no matter what I tried!  Even now, 3 hours later, I'm still sobbing as I write this.
I wanted it just to be an infatuation but I honestly think it's going far beyond that point and I can't even tell him because I know nothing will come of it other than me losing him as a friend . . . and that would really kill me, I couldn't cope with not having him at all.
So now here I am, basically going crazy and there's nothing I can do about it, because the one date that I went on, all I could think afterwards was if he'd feel jealous that I'd been on one, or if he might start to look at me in that way if he realised other guys did.
I just wish he looked at me in the same way that I look at him

[spunge] @ Islingston Academy 2

After more than 10 years on the underground scene, 6 albums under their belt and almost non-stop touring it’s difficult to understand why [spunge] aren’t more popular, even with tonight’s show being downsized from the main room at the Islington Academy to the smaller room, making it almost a third of the original . . .
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Coming soon
Patrick Wolf @ Heaven

Jack's Mannequin @ KCLSU

6 years have passed since Andrew McMahon last touched British soil with Something Corporate, and since then the feisty front man has had his band go on hiatus and has battled through Leukemia at the age of 22. Now with two albums under his belt with new band Jack’s Mannequin, he has returned . . .
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Black Lips - 200 Million Thousand

For a band that is self described as “flower punk” and have some of the most outrageous live shows going this album seems extremely bland. A mishmash of blues, punk and country with a very garage quality sounding recording it should’ve worked on paper but there is energy lacking which brings this album down by far too many levels. Previous albums by Black Lips have been . . .
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Coming soon
Jack's Mannequin @ KCLSU
Spunge @ Islington
Patrick Wolf @ Heaven